Business Supporters

Thank you to these Veteran-owned businesses who support Sacred Mountain Retreat Center

T & K Hunting
1000 Campbell St. STE 3
Rapid City, SD 57701


Keith was drafted into the Army during the Vietnam War. After being honorably discharged; he proceeded to work a lifetime in the food sales industry. In 1989, he welcomed his one and only son into the world; Tyler. Tyler served four years in the Marine Corps Infantry, and completed two combat deployments to Helmand Province, Afghanistan. After being honorably discharged from the Marines, Tyler worked a multitude of jobs to include corrections, overseas contracting, and being a police officer. 

T & K was born in August 2018. On an absolute whim, Tyler broke out some leftover material in the garage and began designing gear as a hobby. He produced a tactical type upland vest, which ended up becoming a complete and utter failure within the sales category. Our well known binocular harness was designed in October 2018. From October to the summer of 2019; T & K only sold a few products a month. It would have been easier, and much cheaper, to completely give up on this crazy business idea. Instead, T & K went to the bank and received a 10K line of credit. The rest is history. Today, T & K has developed numerous successful products and continues to grow every single day. The innovation will never stop, nor will our commitment to use materials from U.S. manufacturers; sewing our products right here on U.S. soil. 

We take pride in making the absolute toughest American products within the hunting industry.  We look forward to outfitting you and thousands of other hunters all over the world for years to come. 

Beard BQ Sauce
Rapid City, SD

Beard BQ Sauce is veteran-owned by Felix E.P Irving III, Retired Staff Sargent in the USAF. Felix worked as a Structural Maintenance Craftsman on military aircraft. He founded Beard BQ Sauce in 2015…he served his country the best way he knew how and now he is doing the same through his love of food. Felix says, “We have a lot of division in our country right now and I love to bring people together with great food – because everyone has to eat.

Zulu Foxtrot Weaponry
Rapid City, SD

After a 20-year career in the Army as a Flight Paramedic and several years as a Life Flight Paramedic, Adam Max decided to retire from both those career fields and open Zulu Foxtrot Guns & Weaponry. He started with the adult’s version of the barbie, the AR-15. He spent way too much on his first rifle and most of those parts today are gone or in a box for the “Next Build,” except for the lower. Adam then moved into long-range shooting and found a new, expensive passion. Then he needed color, and instead of shipping his parts off, he built a cabinet to do Cerakote in. He loves building AR-15s and 10s for people and providing them a quality build, while not breaking the bank. Zulu Foxtrot Guns offers a range of options to customize your firearm including, start to finish builds of pistols or rifles, Cerakote, Laser Engraving, Stippling.

Deadwood Tobacco
628 Main Street
Deadwood, SD

In an old west town, under cobblestone streets, through historic tunnels, past the original jail lies Deadwood Tobacco Company—a smoky blues atmosphere with the finest cigars and pipe tobacco available. Enjoy a smoke in-house while sipping one of our 70 beers, a glass of wine, or our very own Deadwood Tobacco Company Porter.

Restore Patch

Restore Patch has partnered with SMRC offering current and past retreat attendees a discount on all orders. PLUS, a portion of every patch sale is given back to support SMRC!

Restore Patch has launched a new, non-drug, non-chemical line of healing and support patches. These patches are the latest in wearable technology that allows your body to naturally re-tune and re-balance itself using a natural approach at an energetic level. By using the power of science to skip over steps like ingestion and chemical absorption, they use the patch to allow the body to detect information at the electrical or energetic level. There are no extracts, drugs, or chemicals and the patch is discrete, completely safe, hypoallergenic, and water resistant. These daily patches help in reducing anxiety, improve sleep, provide support for those suffering from PTSD, improve focus, and provide needed energy. All made in the USA and comes with a money back guarantee.  

The “Got your Six Patch” for PTSD and severe anxiety sufferers has shown great results for those feeling overwhelmed, always on the edge, suffering from panic attacks, or feeling emotionally numb or paralyzed. Studies have shown patches can help calm and relax those with PTSD, providing relief from stress and fear with the ability to make it through the day easier and happier.

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