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About 20 Veterans commit suicide every day


More than 6% of First Responders have attempted suicide, a rate 10x higher than the general population

Veterans and First Responders have experiences in their line of work that no one should ever have to go through. These events lead to PTSD, trauma, depression and substance abuse.

Active Military, Veterans and First Responders are disproportionately affected by suicide. Being on the scene of dangerous and emotionally draining situations leads to conscious and subconscious psychological damage that can linger for years.

There HAS to be something better…

There is!

Sacred Mountain Retreat Center offers an amazing, no cost, 7-day program to veterans, first responders, and Goldstar families who are injured or suffering from PTSD or trauma. The costs are covered by charitable donations from people like you, to help heal our heroes.

The Got Your Six Campaign has been created to encourage supporters to donate $6 on the 6th of each month. It is possible to create a big impact for a small amount. This money coming from recurring donors supports our vital operation expenses. The ones we need to continue healing our nation’s heroes.

What does $6 mean to you?

A latte at a coffee shop?

A cocktail with dinner?

Ice cream at a drive-thru?

But how about this…

What if thousands of individuals passed up a trip through the drive-thru and put $6 every month into a charitable fund for Sacred Mountain Retreat Center instead? Imagine how you could be helping a hero.

When you donate $6 on the 6th of each month to Sacred Mountain Retreat Center, you can be assured that the money goes directly back into our program.

But how can $6 per month for a year help?

If only 35 people donate $6 every month, that will put one hero through our program!