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Attendees have daily physical therapy sessions with the options of guided yoga, message therapy from a very talented massage therapist on board, time in the workout room, a hike on the trails, a session in the mobile cryosauna (when available) or a session in one of our state-of-the-art HOTWORX Infrared Saunas.

Sacred Mountain Retreat Center is honored to have two Hotworx infrared saunas on site. These saunas combine heat, infrared, and exercise to improve strength, cardio, flexibility, circulation, and immunity while also buring fat, decreasing workout recovery time and increasing metabolism.

As the infrared heat penetrates the body, causing perspiration, the isometric poses further accelerate the removal of toxins from internal organs.

We also have the privilege of hosting The Body Spa and Cryotherapy from Rapid City, South Dakota. They bring their mobile cryorescue and recovery services to our attendees. They spend three minutes inside a -90 degrees to -190 degrees cryotherapy machine. Cryotherapy reduces inflammation and swelling, alleviates depression, stress and fatigue and boosts blood circulation.